We put our house on the market!  It has been a wild ride and I hope some wonderful person falls in love with it, just like we did.  Prior to putting the house on the market, I went into full on staging mode.  I eliminated clutter and made some small changes in the dining room that led to drastic results.
106 Hickory (22)
As with all rooms in my house, the light fixture was atrocious.  It was a broken eyesore.  My delightful in-laws (wink, wink) came down and helped us change out the light fixture, which made a huge difference aesthetically and added (according to my very smart father in-law) 75% more light.  All that my artistic self knows, is that it looks and feels better.  The fixture is from Home Depot and was only $150.  I think it was well worth it and I wish I replaced it long before now!
I am very grateful my Mom and Dad gave us their old dining room table.  I love the walnut and we have had a place to sit for 5 years, which I really appreciate!  However, the chairs were a bit big for this space and they were not in great shape.  In fact, what prompted this mini-makeover is one of the chairs collapsed while my husband was sitting down at the table.  I am a sucker for a ghost chair.  We already had one, so we ordered 3 more on Amazon, and bam… the room felt instantly bigger!  If you ever need seating in a small space these are my go-to!  They look like glass slippers and they are actually quite comfortable.
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All in all, I would say this mini-makeover made the room feel bigger and I think this room has reached its potential!