Becoming a mother was extremely different than I pictured.  After a long time of trying to have a child, I thought motherhood would be a lovely experience where my child and I would both relish our time we would spend together.  My, how the real world has been an awakening.  I also mean that with such gratitude.  Motherhood has taught me about my strengths, but mostly my flaws.  It has been a time of intense personal growth and holy humility.  It has also been great to experience unconditional love from the other side.  Meaning, no matter how awful my son is to me, or how many times I put him in time out, we both still want to cuddle at the end of the day.
Motherhood has given me a deep appreciation for the great mothers in my life who have given me way more than I could fathom.  My great grandmothers taught me the power of being a hard worker.  My grandmothers, both played tremendous roles in counseling me when my parents were hurt by my antics.  My great aunts, taught me to be strong in my convictions, but promote a respect for the opposing party.  My aunts supported my creativity and laughed at my jokes.  My sister and cousins, currently going through this motherhood journey, encourage me when the modern struggles of being a Mama in 2018 seem more than I can handle.  My friends who do not have children keep me grounded and remind me that I am still a woman, person and worker and my needs matter.  These ladies are the folks who give me some of the best insight into how to be a Mom and a person at the same time.
My mother-in-law has welcomed me with open arms and has taught me that you don’t have to be born into a family to become a family member.  She’s in charge and loves a plan!  She is devoted and a huge help to our little family.  Somehow, she always asks at the right time to share her time and talent and it is so appreciated!
Finally, we can’t forget all that is and was My Mama.  She’s pretty great, has a strong will and is perhaps the funniest human on the face of the planet.  She is smart and of course stunning… but most of all, she cares.  She cares so deeply that each person in her family thinks she is the only one she talks to every day.  She calls to check in, she stops by, she asks questions.  She taught me that you can have a hard time becoming and being a mother, and still deeply love your child.  She taught me funny sayings (that should all be said in a deep southern accent) like when you have a disagreement with your husband, all you have to say is “Mars/Venus!” and everything is seemingly better.  She believes in “Fishing or cutting bait”.  She taught me that instead of internalizing everything, I just need to say, “That is their little red wagon”.  Sayings aside, and there are some brilliant ones, she is loyal to the bone and will do anything for the people she loves.  Like I said, she’s pretty great.
Relics from our past line our home making us remember things and people we love.  I used to think things shouldn’t matter.  But now, I think EVERYTHING SHOULD matter.  Meaning, everything in your home should make you think of a memory or a person that brings you joy.  These are a few snaps of things I treasure from the Mamas I love.


My Great Grandmother’s cookie recipe in her handwriting 


My Grandmother’s painting, a small box she used for her “special notes” as a child, sitting on a chest my sister gave us for our wedding


White pottery that reminds me of my Aunt 


Blue and white, my Mother-in-Law’s favorite, next to her Mother-in-Law’s tea cup collection


A piece of pottery that was given to me for graduation from my aunt


A table my Mom found at a 2nd hand store anchoring 2 paintings.  One, done by my sister-in-law’s mother and the other given to me by my sister’s Mother-in-Law (What can I say, it’s all in the family!) 


Go Women!  Happy Mother’s Day!