Ok, so the title is making this more glamorous than it really is, but a lot of folks don’t know how important their subfloor can be to the functionality of their home.  So, from my little brain to yours, here is a quick lesson.
Back in the day, hardwood floors were part of the structural flooring system.  Now, they are really more of a “finish” in our homes. The reason being, hardwood floors used to lay directly on to the joist system.  They would lay perpendicular to the joists and were typically 1” thick.
joists and floors
New homes now have subfloors.  Subfloors come in different sizes and brands, but the best product, in my opinion is AdvanTech.  Many people think when their hardwood floors are creaking, it is an issue with their hardwoods.  However, it is typically an issue with the subfloor.  Usually, the subfloor has come apart from the joist, and therefore when walked on, it squeaks.  The picture below shows the best option for new homes.  1.  Floor joist  2.  3/4” AdanTech subfloor  3.  Moisture barrier 4.  Hardwood Flooring… a heavenly combo.
I am talking about this because I am a floor geek, and because we had minor subfloor issues in our new home.  The previous layout had carpet in most of the rooms, and we wanted the entire house to have the same hardwood floor.  Particle board is usually on top of the subfloor and under the carpet.  All of the particle board needed to be removed before we could install the hardwoods on the subfloor.
“We”, meaning the demo crew, removed all of the particle board and thankfully, most of the subfloor was in good shape.  Near the HVAC vents, there was creeping moisture issue where the the subfloor needed to be replaced.
bad subfloor
I know this is not as interesting as velvet sofas and fancy light fixtures, but those posts will come!  Knowing the subfloor is stable, means a healthy home for my family and no squeaking in the future.
Is it weird that this makes me happy:
The new place is coming along thanks to many family members and hard workers!  Here is a taste of what is to come:
Before Master:
Before Master
In Progress Master – New Paint and Raw Wood Floors:
Before Foyer: One of 4 Rooms that had existing hardwoods
Before foyer
In Progress Foyer:
Before Bedroom Hallway:
before hallway
In Progress Bedroom Hallway: