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A Comprehensive Design Studio

The Hickory Post is a furniture and art gallery dedicated to providing accessible art and design for all. The curated store features one of a kind artwork, furniture and home accessories that will make your house a home. Our pieces are hand selected focusing on quality, authenticity and affordability. We love design and stay up on the most recent trends as well as incorporating gems from the past. The Hickory Post strives to help you create a strong home that will tell a collected story full of meaningful treasures. Our inventory is ever-changing. Please follow us on Instagram @thehickorypost for our most up to date finds!

The Secret Shop is a kids only shopping experience where all are welcome!

Shop for presents for the entire family!
Every gift is $10 or less!
We also help gift wrap!

How to prepare:

  • Create a list of up to 5 people you want to give a gift.
  • Create a budget. How much are you able to spend on each gift? Don’t forget sales tax.
  • Let our elves help you shop and wrap!

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What’s in a name?

The: T͟Hə/

Every good southern lady puts a “The” in front of all nouns. If you are going to Belk, a southerner would say, “I’m going to The Belks.”. So, like a good southern lady, “The” had to be part of the name of my business (because it would have been added anyway).

Hickory: /ˈhik(ə)rē/

My first home was on Hickory Street in Charleston, SC. It was a fixer that we poured our hearts, souls and money into. It was a place of strength and character and a whole lot of growth. With my background in hardwood flooring sales, I learned the Hickory tree is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable species of wood. Hickory to me means strength.

Post: /pōst/

I’ve always loved a good general store or trading post where people can trade goods and find pieces from another era. There is also this great new social media context for the word “post”.
So, there you have it, lots of thought into those 3 little words, THE HICKORY POST.

We are located...

In the heart of downtown Rock Hill, SC at 202 East Main Street. Come visit us and make a day of it! There are so many fun things to do in Rock Hill! See our contact page for more details in planning your day!