I have this thing with book shelves.  Really, I have this thing with displaying objects.  I’m like Monk man, I really need to go see someone about it.  My parents recently invited us to spend time with them in Litchfield.  It was a quiet night until these got the best of me:
The best way I know how to describe it is that I am not comfortable being in the presence of chaos.  This to me is pure chaos!  There were so many great things on this shelf that were not being highlighted.  The top left picture of sea rocks is one of my all time favorite prints.  The coral is cool and I love the vases and pottery.  I made a rare move to get off the sofa and change things around a bit.
Here is the final product.  This really was a NO-money-makeover.  Most of these objects were on the book shelf, but it would be like playing Where’s Waldo to find them.  Now, there is order.  Ahhhh I can watch TV again!