The Rose Room is my favorite room in our house.  It is peaceful and calm and where I go to get get away.  The wallpaper is original to the house.  Our last realtor thought I was crazy for keeping it, and she could not have been more wrong.  This room was once described by one of my friends, as “a grandmother’s room, but in the best way”.  It is very true.  It’s like being wrapped in your Grandmother’s arms and rocked back and forth.  I kid you not, our guests always sleep well in this room, even when they are not the best sleepers.  My Mom, who usually gets up at 5:30 in the morning slept until 9:00 am in this room.  It was a miracle… or just the magic of the rose room.
106 Hickory (8)
We call it the rose room, but I’m pretty sure the flowers are not roses.  The room screamed for a white iron bed and a maltese bedspread.  These feminine touches just add to the grandma charm.  In a home with only one bathroom, I liked the idea of our guests having their own space to get ready.  Our guests use it too!  I want a vanity all for myself in our next home.  I’m always doing 80,000 things while getting ready and I think it might be great to sit and potentially not sweat while I’m putting on my makeup?  Sounds nice!
106 Hickory (9)
We picked up this antique pine pie safe on craigslist!  I love it and it is one of my favorite pieces.  I know the TV isn’t the cutest thing, but I want my guests to feel at home and I love watching just a pinch more TV before I go to bed.
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The pops of teal and the serene sail boat scene balance the warmth of the pine hutch.  This would have been a great little girl’s room, and potentially it will be for the next owner…
Bottom Line… there is no shame in this wallpaper game!  Check out these other floral inspirations that will make you want to add a sprinkle of grandma to your home!